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Company History


A group of engineers under the Department General of Post and Telecommunications (DGPT) was assigned the task of implementing a scientific topic at national level “Research digital PABX in test mode in Hanoi”.


The topic was transferred to Ho Chi Minh City in order to continue research with the cooperation of VIBA Handel GmbH company (Germany).


On the basis of this topic, Vietnam Telecommunications Equipment Manufacturer Joint-Venture Company (VTC) was founded by the Department General of Post and Telecommunications (DGPT) (70% venture capital) and VIBA Handel GmbH company (30% venture capital) with 500,000 USD total venture capital. Because VTC was the first company ventured with an international company in telecommunications, the chairmans of the board of directors respectively were 3 deputy general managers of DGPT. In 1988, VTC introduced DTS-480 digital PABX with 480 lines capacity. DTS-480 was the first digital PABX researched, manufactured, installed and operated on the telecommunications network in Vietnam. Then a few of DTS digital PABX family including DTS-120, DTS-240, and DTS-480 equiped for the network were the researching, manufacturing, and trading achievements of VTC.


The Joint-Venture Company operations expired. The entire capital, human resources, and property of DGPT's joint-venture capital were included in Telephone Equipment Company (VITECO) and became Information Equipment Researching and Manufacturing Center 1 (VTC1) in Ho Chi Minh City, accounting depended on VITECO company based in Hanoi.

September 08, 1999, VTC1 Center undered VITECO were equitized into VTC Telecommunications JSC according to Decision No. 618/1999/QD-TCCB of the General Post Office.

December 30, 1999, VTC Telecommunications JSC officially put into operation in the form of a joint stock company.


VTC launched a new product: information system providing multiple services INPROS (Information Providing System). The system was built on CTI technology and used as 108 call center at dozens of post offices in Vietnam.

Also in this year, VTC successfully made DTS-VX switchboard using R2 signaling trunk with the capacity was 512 lines. It was Vietnam's first self-built research switchboard connecting trunks. SS7 trunks switchboard was then fabricated as a corporation level of Vietnam Post and Telecommunication Group (VNPT). Total size of DTS-VX switchboard deployed on the network by VTC was 50,000 lines, primarily equipped for districts.


Smart Card Production Center undered VTC Telecommunications JSC was established according to the business cooperation contract between VTC and Thien Viet Co., LTD, and officially put into operation with the main tasks were researching, manufacturing, and providing card applications for telecommunications, banking. Products are SIM cards and scratch cards catering to the prepaid mobile services.

VTC established a representative office in Hanoi, officially expanding business areas of the northern provinces.


From retained earnings, VTC inceased charter capital to 18 billion Vietnam dong.


The Representative Office in Hanoi was upgraded to a VTC's Branch in Hanoi.

The stocks of VTC Telecommunications JSC listed on the Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange (stock code: VTC).

VTC Telecommunications JSC officially established electronic information page online at www.vtctelecom.com.vn


VTC received the certified quality management ISO 9001:2000 (BVQI).

VTC is licensed investment at Saigon Hi-Tech Park (SHTP), became the first Vietnam business to be granted investment in SHTP (along with Allied/HP, Nidec,...).


From retained earnings, VTC increased charter capital to 24 billion Vietnam dong.


Established Network Infrastructure Center deploying BTS stations for Mobifone and Vinafone.

VTC and Sao Bac Dau Technologies Group established VTC Networks Company investing telecommunications infrastructure, high-end residential and industrial zones.

VTC and VDI Company established ITE Company researching and manufacturing IP Callcenter and others equipments.

From retained earning, VTC increased charter capital to 26 billion Vietnam dong.


Do procedures for issuance to increase charter capital to 40 billion Vietnam dong to deploy projects.


From retained earnings, VTC increased charter capital to 45 billion Vietnam dong.

Currently, the entire amount of the employee VTC Telecommunications JSC approximates to 250.