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Oriented Development


VTC strive to become one of leading companies on the local market and the region, including many subsidiary systems, internal units operating in many diverse areas in telecommunications – electronics – information technologies:
- Research, design, fabricate, manufacture, and supply electronic – telecommunications – information technology devices.
- Provide technical services, and consult technical solutions for electronics and telecommunications..
- Invest and mine telecommunications – electronics – informatics infrastructure.
- Provide solutions using cards, and manufacture smart cards, contribute to the cultural formation of the card used in the community.


Contribute to connecting people together.

Core values:

- Build trust by partners, customers by efficiency and quality.

- Concepts:

  • High income; friendly working environment, stimulating creativity and desiring to contribute; opportunities for staff to be promoted are motivation to develop.

  • Construct as a subconscious mind, a natural habit in every employee to conscious the brand name, company culture, dedicate to the company's interests to ensure long-term sustainable development.

- Striving for dual goal: to satisfy the profit interests of shareholders and the community.


Reach new heights, become a major brand, have a strong finance, abundant in human resources, and know how to acquire more technology.


- Promote activities and further develop existing units:

  • Expand the supply of technical services for all fixed network, broadband, transmission and mobile products.

  • Expand the providing technical services to all operators across the country, and the regional development.

  • Provide combined package offers both equipment and technical solutions.

  • Invest new production line for hi-tech cards, and large output. Quickly develop other cards.

  • Focus on products have self-implemented software on the international standardization hardware.

  • Only research and manufacture equipment and products partial to hardware if they have a potential market, and the research time is short.

- Cooperate with foreign companies to establish companies manufacturing high-tech products.

In order to reach the above oriented development, VTC will:

- Change the organizational model: establish a parent company with subsidiary companies and associated companies to diverse industries and field activities to generate forces to develop and share risks.

- Find strategic partners:

  • Strategic partners contributing long-time capital.

  • Strategic partners contributing technologies.

- Focus on looking for opportunities to develop new projects:

  • Self-invest and implement projects if have enough resources.

  • Form a joint venture to implement projects needing high finance and technologies.

- Consolidate the brand identity system through website, regularly update information to reach customers, partners, and shareholders.

- Put into use company resources management system.